Do you only work with Maryland and Pennsylvania clients?


No! Ren & Co. serves all States and all Countries. We are located in Maryland however have served states all the way down to North Carolina! We also cater to destination weddings!

Am I still going to be able to be a part of the planning process?


100% YES! We execute your ideas and dreams and will never do anything without getting your input and approval. We will help establish unique ideas customized to your wedding or event. We handle the behind the scenes and logistics for you to have a stress-free day! We will also be honest with you and tell you the truth if something may not be possible due to restrictions or finances, however there is always another option and that is where we use our contacts!

Why Ren & Co. Wedding and Event Planning?


We pride ourselves with working one on one with the wedding couple or event host. Communication will only be with me instead of multiple people that work for the same company. Ren & Co. assistants only work solely with the couple, or event host the day of to help assist with set up and tear down. This allows me to fully understand and execute the couple or event hosts vision on their special day!

Do you focus on specific types of weddings or events?


Not at all! Ren & Co. caters to all genders, sexualities, races and religions.



Located in Carroll County, Maryland & Hanover, Pennsylvania

Serving All States & All Countries